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Most people know what a photo booth is and when comparing photo booth suppliers in South Wales, most clients look for the same things:

Price – people want a photo booth that’s good value for money.

Number of prints – unlimited or limited? Having a limited number of prints may reduce the hire fee.

Length of service – what’s the right length of time for your specific event?

Props included – do you want to include the use of props or would you prefer not to have them?

Photo Album – if your event is a wedding, a photo album is a must!

Photo booth hire cardiff

That’s a good starting point, but there are other features you can look out for which will have an impact on your event:

Photo booth appearance – there are many styles of photo booth available, make sure the one you hire matches the event you’re holding

Booth attendant – there should always be a booth attendant, to help and guide guests and to avoid misuse of the booth which could result in damage.

Photo uploads – the easiest way to share the photos of the event is to use a link online

Custom graphics – if you’re having a wedding, why not have a photo of the bride and groom on the print outs to create a completely custom design.

Custom prints – rather than having plain text at the bottom of a standard background, why not have an artistic printout that guests will be impressed with?

Photo booth hire south Wales