Yamaha DXR and DXS Active Loudspeaker System Hire

We have stock of multiple Yamaha DXR and DXS speaker systems. These speakers are Active – which means they do not require an amplifier to run, you simply plug the source of music from a mixer, microphone or jack lead straight into the rear of the speakers. It couldn’t be simpler.

We expect these speaker systems to be used in a variety of applications, for conferencing, live music, DJ playback, speeches and background music.

The below offerings cover the speakers themselves, stands for them and audio leads to link them together. Audio leads from the speakers to the playback device are not included but we can provide these audio leads where required. Please remember to let us know in advance if you need them.

Among our stock we have multiple units of the following:

  • DXR 8 – 8 inch 2-way active speaker 129dB Max SPL
  • DXR 12- 12 inch 2-way active speaker 132dB Max SPL
  • DXS 18 – 18 inch band-pass subwoofer 136dV Max SPL

Yamaha DZR and DXS XLF Active PA System Hire

We now stock the AMAZING Yamaha DZR and DXS XLF series of speakers – these are the best we have to offer and these units offer unreal sound quality and sound pressure levels high enough to make children cry. With our flagship DZR 315 speakers providing 143dB peak output each. These systems are suitable for outdoor events and large indoor events only. For events with less than 200 guests, our DXR and DXS systems will provide ample sound reinforcement.

PA Hire Cardiff
Four DXS18 and a pair of DZR315

Speaker Hire Packages (per day)

Below are a few packages suited to listed applications, we also supply Sennheiser and Shure Microphone systems, pedestals and plinths in quantities to suit, DJ booths, stages and more.

2 DXR8 speakers + 2 power leads + speaker stands £100
This system would be suitable for speeches, background music or a house party.

2 DXR12 speakers + 2 power leads + speaker stands £120
This system would be suitable for speeches for a large audience of up to 400 guests, a small birthday party of up to 100 guests.

2 DXR8 speakers + 1 DXS18 subwoofer + 3 power leads + speaker stands £190
Suited to parties / events of up to 150 guests, live solo artist playback for up to 150 guests.

4 DXR8 speakers + 4 power leads + speaker stands £200
Suited to larger conferences, up to 800 guests with speakers spaced 20m apart, also suited to functions which required a linked sound system in multiple rooms.

4 DXR12 speakers + 4 power leads + speaker stands £240
Suited to outdoor PA for cover of public events, with speakers staggered over a larger distance.

4 DXR12 speakers + 4 DXS18 subwoofers + 8 power leads + speaker stands £640
Suited to large indoor events, bigger live bands, club DJ events, outdoor concerts of up to 600 guests.

Pair of DXS18 and DXR12 speakers