LED Neon signs not only look great, but they are also lightweight, therefore they can be used in places that our 4ft wooden illuminated letters can’t be. They can be hung above top tables on backdrops for instance.

LED Neon Sign Hire

We have the largest stock of LED Neon signs in Wales. We have a range of signs to suit different occasions. For example, our stock caters to weddings, birthdays, proms, baby showers and parties.

The majority of our clients opt for their surname in lights which we can hang from one of our Flower Walls so if you hire both, we can offer you a package. For example, the image below shows the surname Evans hung from our foliage and white flower wall.

We also have a wide range of words and phrases such as:

We decided to remove the list from our page to make it harder for others to copy our neon sign designs. If you’d like the full list, just ask or visit our showroom.

If you want to buy your own neon sign rather than hire, head to @noodleneons who are a local company who make all of ours. They can make LED neon company logos, names, phrases and numbers.

LED Neon sign