Our LED dance floor hire is available in various sizes and colours to suit your wedding or event.

In white, we have up to 32ft x 32ft and in black, we have up to 24ft x 24ft. A mixture is available for larger sizes.

All dance floors are in pristine condition and best of all, they are manufactured here in the UK by Portable Floormaker – the Rolls Royce of the dance floor world. You may have heard other companies boasting about Grumpy Joes floors, ours are similar, just cost more to buy and are incomparably more reliable.

Our dance floors have a shiny gloss finish and are permeated with hundreds of tiny twinkling LEDs. Our LED dance floors are available in black, white or a mixture of both, depending on what you require for your event.

White LED Dance Floor Hire:

20ft White LED dance floor Cardiff City Hall20ft White LED Dance Floor at City Hall, Cardiff, South Wales

Our white LED dance floors are most popular within the wedding market, nothing looks more spectacular than one of our beautiful white LED dance floors as a centrepiece to your wedding day.

Black LED Dance Floor Hire:

Black LED Dance Floor Hire South Wales20ft Black LED Dance Floor at the National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, South Wales

We offer various sized black LED dance floors to clients across South Wales, Bristol and further afield. These black dance floors are equally popular with corporate events and themed weddings. If you require the smart and sophisticated look, we recommend our black LED dance floor hire.

black LED dance floor hire

Black and White LED Dance Floor Hire:

Black and White LED Dance Floor24ft Black and White LED Dance Floor at Hensol Castle, South Wales

We can provide any size black and white LED dance floor. These black and white dance floors look great for themed weddings or corporate events. There is no additional charge for hiring a mixed black and white dance floor.

Dance Floor Hire Sizes:

28ft White Starlight Dance Floor

28ft White LED dance floor at the Celtic Manor Resort, Newport

There are two factors to consider when choosing your dance floor size. You need to take into account the number of guests you are expecting and the space available for a dance floor in your chosen venue (okay, maybe three if you want to consider budget too).

It is widely expected that at any one time you can expect approximately 30% of your guests to be dancing. Here is our guide to what size dance floor we believe you will require.

Up to 80 guests – 12ft x 12ft

Up to 140 guests – 16ft x 16ft

Up to 200 guests – 20ft x 20ft

Up to 260 guests – 24ft x 24ft

Up to 320 guests – 28ft x 28ft

Up to 400 guests – 32ft x 32ft

Delivery and Installation:

We will deliver and install your dance floor as part of your quotation. Your LED dance floor will be installed at a time which suits your event. For corporate events and functions, this is normally before the event begins. For weddings, the dance floor is often installed during the room changeover period. Exceptions are made if your wedding does not require a room changeover, we will install your starlight dance floor prior to the arrival of guests.

Installation time varies depending on the size dance floor required, times are normally between 20 and 60 minutes from the smallest to the largest size dance floors we supply.

Removal of the floor takes less time than installation and can be done at the end of your event or the following day if necessary.

If you’d like to hire an LED dance floor from us, remember to tell us what size you need in the contact form on this page.