Congratulations! You’ve found us and our white drapes!

As you’ve probably found, getting the right size quality drapes can be a bit of a nightmare, but here we are, with our 3m wide, 6m tall white drapes (they’re actually a bit more than 6m tall).

We’ve hired from other companies in the past and were devastated with the poor results, if like us, you want perfection for your events, then we’ve got what you need! We’ve spent over a quarter of a million pounds on outstanding drapes of all shapes and sizes, so no matter how big or small your venue is, we’ve got you covered – excuse the pun.

We offer a range of white drapes for hire. This post is related to our 3m wide x 6m tall white drapes. The drapes are chiffon material and double layered to provide half the transparency of single layered chiffon. We recommend using two 3m x 6m white drapes to cover 3m width as this creates a beautiful pleated effect. Feel free to use more than this if you wish, the more you use, the better the result and the thicker the appearance of the drapes.

We have plenty of hints and tips for our clients to allow them to get the most from the drapes. Lighting tips, hanging tips, up-selling tips, hardware requirements. We also have a range of other wall & ceiling drapes available for hire.

6m tall white drapes at the Vale Resort, South Wales

We can install at your venue if you require, but please contact us as soon as possible to secure a date.

If you’d like to hire our 3m x 6m white drapes, please drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help!