We have a selection of charger plates available to hire, we have glass and plastic in stock.

Charger plates are used to decorate a table at fine dining events and weddings. They have other purposes too, but these aren’t widely known. The charger plate as serves as a insulating surface to keep the heat of your meal plate from transferring to the table or tablecloth, this help keeps your food warm and prevents the table or linen for getting heat marks. Since charger plates are larger than the plates you’ll be served food on, they can also help keep your table linen clean of small spillages, although we all know that one person who’s just a messy eater where it wouldn’t make a difference if you put down a tray.

Charger plates are normally removed prior to the desert course although there’s not many catering companies or hotels who are aware of this. If they come across our website and read this text, please pass the message on to your service staff so that traditions are followed to create a better dining experience for all.

Both of the above weddings used our gold Dior chairs, which are available for hire to match your gold theme wedding. Similarly, in the wedding below, we used our silver beaded white Louis chairs which matched the charger plates perfectly.

Silver beaded charger plates at Sylen Lakes

As well as the above two charger plate designs we have in stock, we also have the same but with rose gold beading, clear beading and we also have a range of other designs such as solid gold rim.

Mottled Gold Rim Charger Plates at Cardiff Castle