We have silver beaded white wedding chairs, also known as Louis Chairs. These are our most comfortable chair. They have a thick chair pad made of faux leather. If you expect to be seated for long periods of time, you cannot go wrong with our White Louis Chairs.

The Louis chairs are a little larger than our other chairs too. So you wouldn’t want to fit more than 10 around a 6ft round table. However, if you’re looking for the Instagram worthy wedding snaps, you’ll probably also have charger plates on your decoration list. Our silver beaded charger plates match our silver beaded Louis Chairs and they also restrict the number of guests you can fit around the table. Each charger plate is 32cm in diameter so again, 10 would be the ideal number of charger plates for guests on a 6ft round table.

Our white Louis chairs laid out for a ceremony at Coed Y Mwstwr Hotel

If you do not intend on dressing wedding chairs, then the silver beaded white wedding chairs are the ones for you. They look spectacular on their own.

White Louis Chair Hire
White Louis Wedding Chairs set up for a ceremony at Hensol Castle
White Silver Beaded Louis Chair Hire
Thank you to Philip Warren Photography for this shot at Hensol Castle
Our White Louis Chairs at Patti Pavilion, Swansea

Our Silver Beaded White Wedding Chairs set up for a wedding breakfast.

Our white Louis arm chairs @ Hensol Castle

We also stock a smaller number of white Louis arm chairs. These arm chairs are normally reserved for use on top tables and for elderly guests. We have 20 of these stunning Louis arm chairs in stock.